I am Rachel Armstrong from Great Britain. I highly recommend this academy to anyone who is thinking of applying It is academy with very high standards in everything which produces very hard working students soon to become successful professionals.

The classes are very well structured to help each student improve in all areas needed. I particularly enjoy gymnastic which gives us strength needed for ballet class. I also enjoy learning different styles of dance such as character and historical and the dances from different ballets which not only helps with understanding steps and technique but also characterization in each dance.

The studios are all raked which prepares everyone for dancing on the stage. Each studios has mirrors to help the students correct themselves, understand what their body is doing.

I am in a room with 3 other girls. The room have good space with a desk to do homework. The dorm are also very clean and there are many different areas to socialize and stretch. The food is very good and provides energy for everyone to work hard all day.

I am Stefanija Gashtarska and I am a 2nd course student at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. Since I was little my biggest dream was to study in Moscow in this academy. When my dream came true I was the happiest girl in the world. Before I came here i had a lot of questions in my head: who’s gonna be my teacher, are the friends and the teachers nice, will I miss my family, is the area safe etc.
To be honest when I came I was surprised.
The good thing about this academy is that all of the students are really kind and always ready to help you, I have a lot of friends from all over the world.
The teachers. All of them very passioned and nice. My classical teacher is Irina Mihaylovna Pyatkina. She is like my second mum. It’s a pleasure for me to work with such an amazing ballerina and person.
Here I got the chance to dance a lot! In the Christmas concert I danced “Raymonda” variation. And also in the greatest Bolshoi theater! I did the Rose Adagio from the ballet “Sleeping beauty”. I was honored to work with my teacher, with Marina Konstantinovna Leonova and Valeri Viktorovich Anisimov. I am so thankful that they believed in me.
The academy is near the center witch means near Bolshoi Theater ( aprox. 15 minutes with metro). We all go and watch performances when we are free.
Everyone here is like my family and I feel like home ❤️