Tenth anniversary of collaboration between the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and Russian American Foundation marks 2017. In August, the Academy faculty completed the annual summer intensive master classes in New York and Windsor, Connecticut.

As usual, the finale of the six week- long master classes was a grand gala where the participants demonstrated skills and expertise they had gained, along with their knowledge of the classical repertoire and, of course, friendship. The annual master classes are a real feast for students and their parents, as well as teachers of the Academy, its managers and organizers and facilitators of the collaboration project. Over ten years, the project has gained huge popularity across ballet students from a variety of countries. It has helped to open new talents and expand horizons of ballet education.

Marina K. Leonova, Principal of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, People’s Artiste of Russia, attended the gala, along with the founders and leaders of the joint project — Marina Kovalyov, President of the Russian American Foundation, and Rina Kirshner, its Vice President.

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