On May 13, 2022,
Olga I. Popova, Senior Teacher, Classical Dance & Pas-De-Deux Department,
the Bolshoi Ballet Academy,
received the “Soul of the Dance” Prize in the “Teachers” nomination
from the Ballet Magazine

The Awards Ceremony and Gala took place at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre in Moscow on May 13.

The annual Prize marking great contributions to the development of dance arts was established in 1994.

Please join us in congratulating Olga and wishing her gifted students and new artistic triumphs!


The Bolshoi Ballet Academy students; Mark Chino (graduation class of 2017; currently dances with the Bolshoi Ballet).

Photos by Karina Zhitkova – courtesy of https://balletmagazine.ru/post/dusha-tanca

Presentation Of Certificates

Yesterday, in the Conference Hall of the Academy, six foreign students
(five of the II course and one of the I course) received the certificates of passing the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language. This certificate allows foreign students to study further in the graduation course of the Academy and continue to get acquainted with Russian culture.

Kawanishi Rino (Japan), Carrara Nicole (Italy), Volkwine Caroline Grace (USA), Wyatt Daisy Rebecca (USA), Li, Yi-Rou (Taiwan) received a first level certificate of language proficiency, Barrett Sophia Ludmila (USA) – a second one.

All girls showed excellent results. Congratulations!

Graduation exams 2022

       The State Exams in choreographic disciplines have taken place this week. Finally, students have got through intense preparation, many hours of rehearsals and endless worries. This year 8 foreign students from Italy, Romania, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and the USA are graduating from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

Classical dance exam


This year, foreign students took classical dance and duet exams on the stage of the Academy’s Theater. Rachel Mortensen from Canada comments: “Stage is incredible to dance on. It was more like the performance and we experienced various emotions there. We are definitely very happy to be finished after 4 years at the Academy”.

Character dance exam

Classical dance and duet were the most difficult exams and were hard in different ways. Fion Ballard from the USA notes: “We have mirror in class, so we can feel more stable as on stage we feel floating and cannot quickly find exactly where we are”. Ria Adachi from the USA says that duet was hard because they should trusted not just themselves but a partner as well.

Acting exam

The graduates are going to miss teachers, training and performances, they feel a mix of happiness and sadness at the same time. The students have to pass the last exam in June and then it will be the long-awaited presentation of diplomas.

We wish them good luck!

Photos by Alisa Aslanova and Elizaveta Emel’kina.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy Principal
Visits the Kemerovo Branch in Siberia

From march 31 through April 3, the Principal of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Marina K. Leonova visited the city of Kemerovo in Siberia, where she inspected the BBA branch facilities and met with E. Tsyvilev, the Governor of the Kemerovo Oblast.

Ms. Leonova had a productive meeting with the faculty and students of the BBA Branch, attended a classical dance training session, inspected the dormitory, the training stage, the pool and recreation rooms located in the BBA Branch building. “This is a real 21st century school! This is the way to build educational facilities these days – with all the conveniences and amenities! This is a real gift to the children. The only thing they have to do is study well!”, said Ms. Leonova.

Method of Teaching Classical Ballet for beginner classes (First year).

The program was taught by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy teachers Evgenia Kazeyeva from 2 to 6 March and Liudmila Kovalenko from 9 to 13 March, 2022. The seminars were attended by ballet teachers from all over the world.

These seminars were organized jointly by the partner of the Academy, Russian Ballet International.


Photos by Alexander Kabanov and Elizaveta Emel’kina.

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